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With an array of different vending options we can find custom solutions to fit nearly all of your metalworking and MRO vending needs.  With options for customized layouts and full security down to highly flexible and robust medium security options.  All machines have PC / Tablet based controls allowing for data driven decisions to be made from the flucations in usage throughout the facility.  All machines can operate as a stand alone or to be used in conjution with other unique machines allowing for increased flexability and versatile options regarding the products to be managed.  Eliminate stock outages, decrease inventory, automate and track cost by job, user, department or tool.   



Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor Managed Inventory is a time tested and highly effective way to manage lower cost and perishable items on the shop floor or within the facility.  Birck's will work with your responsible people to help determine and organize the goods that need to be managed.  With standard usage data we can help to make an acceptable min/max program that will help to streamline ordering and reduce the potential for stock outages.  After the decision has been made about what products will be managed we will label the items and scan them as usage depletes to the minimum.  Once we have scanned all the appropriate items we will send you the recommended order which can be changed at your discretion.  If you choose not to see the recommended order and prefer us to place the weekly or biweekly order on your behalf we can use blanket orders.



Kitting is one of our fastest growing services.  Although it is not for every customer and can be very helpful to the people that are doing a lot of assembly.  We will work with your staff to determine the appropriate part numbers and quantities to be included.  We can then generate one customer specific part number where the entire bill of material list and quantity seperation falls on our people instead of yours.  This is a great way to cut labor costs and wasted time for your folks on the shop floor, in the field, and at the end user customer for assemblies.  Instead of counting and sorting they can continue to do their specific job with less disruption.